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Um, I'm pretty sure Wolfman has more or less admitted what I just said. I just happen to dislike it. I guess TT continuity talk is taboo around here and more discussed than I thought, but I seriously hope you're not telling me I can't express my opinion on a comic book, especially when it's really not that uncommon of an opinion at all.

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It wasn't in jest, I just don't expect you to abide by it. Wolfman/Perez's TT was one of the greatest runs in comics history. Where else is this not unpopular opinion held?

Because, the way I look at it, teenagers often like to act like they are adults. It's kind of the central tenet of teenagehood.

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I think too often nowadays, people think that characters aren't acting like teenagers when they aren't talking like one of Whedon's Buffy characters or Bendis' USM characters when those are the actual exception to the rule.

The New Teen Titans were ALL teenagers around 17 who had experienced trauma in their lives and with the help of a mentor (again, the more damaged characters like Raven had no mentor) were able to live more normal lives but were still forced to grow up a lot faster than a regular 17 year old. Add that to the fact that I have never met a teenager not trying to act older at some time and you have a perfect portrayal in Wolfman and Perez's TT.

As someone who has more experience with troubled youth than anyone on these boards (just stating an observed fact, here) I find the characters to be on the whole some of the most realistic teenagers in pop culture.

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Technically, "Krypto The Superdog" premiered towards the end of JL's run, in about 2005. I don't think Mike and James have suggested that that is in continuity (but maybe they're saving it. If they get enough complaints about TT being in continuity, they can start talking about Krypto being in continuity, figuring that everyone will get rabid about that and forget about TT. They can be devious like that).


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