Terror Titans

James D.

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I concur!

They had some very cool stuff way back with the Vol 3 relaunch, but that was years ago.

Someone really needs to start telling stories that matter with the Titans again.

To be fair, the first issue of Blackest Night: Titans is arguably the best Teen Titans story I've read since Johns left. There are some missteps, like the new Hawk constantly reminding us 'I'm an avatar of WAR, DAMNIT!' and the fact that Donna's son Robert seems to have seriously de-aged, but writer JT Krul (Yes, that is the man's name; it does sound like a Hanna-Barbera baddie, doesn't it?) does have a better handle on some of the Titans than previous writers Bennett and McKeever and manages to create some nice quiet touches that have been sorely missing.

Of course, given that the new writer seems to have come and gone before a bunch of fill-ins take over the book and the sales have been plummenting for a year, I'm still of the opinion that Titans fans like myself are quietly holding a death watch, waiting for the moment when Dan DiDio finally puts us out of our two years of misery.

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