Episode 337


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I swear if you hate Scott's art, I will cry.

Anyway, hope you bring up issues 4-5 and the cliffhanger that's not explained.

It goes:

Villians United

Secret Six: Six degrees of devastation.

Birds of Prey: Dead of Winter.


The Bane thing is awesome, she needs a father.

Mike, how dare you badmouth the six!?

I'll get you for this, you and that Toland boy too.

How dare you two give this book and unbiased and thoughtful review.

Dam you Sims and Toland, dam you both to that middle place, that's not a bad thing, or a good thing.

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Just got past the Secret Six review, starting the Cable book. Oh god, this is gonna be good. :P

I will agree with you on the Secret Six plot. When I picked it up, I only had issues two to six, and I just assumed I was missing things from the first issue and the last issue, so I just went with the plot. This is going to be waiting for me at school when I go back, so I'll be interested to see whether or not I agree. Even in the current arc, which I've followed from the beginning, I'm in it more for the characters than I am the larger plot.

Mike, if you want to see more Jeanette, I am going to tell you to pick up the current run (from #10 forward, especially#12).

I know that the pencillers/inkers changed on #8, which kind of was a standalone and sucked, so it's entirely possible that it changed in #7 as well.

Dan, I'd suggest either waiting for the next trade or find anything from #9 on and figuring out whether or not you like it enough from there. #9 is a Battle for the Cowl tie-in, but a solid oneshot.

Also, Bane and Scandal heterosexual life partners forevar. :P

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