Episode 21


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An endangered alien race has abducted 50,000 young adults in an effort to save themselves ("The Faceless Ones"), and The Doctor puts Jamie through a battery of tests to help the Daleks better understand human beings ("The Evil of the Daleks"). [ 1:03:32 || 29.1 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_021.mp3

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Yes. Unlike WFP, I plan to change the theme whenever it changes on Doctor Who. Since The Faceless Ones featured a new theme, BOTI now has a new theme.

EDIT: And this will pretty much be the theme for a good long while, I believe.

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Actually, the regeneration in "Stolen Earth" is my favorite. The idea that they might have pulled out a surprise regeneration, even though the chance was so slim, was the most excited I've been during the modern series.

Another good episode, and 2 very good stories.

Have to say, that was a bad day to be in London wasn't it? If it's the same day that Ben and Polly joined the TARDIS, then WOTAN was using his War Machines on the same day the Chameleon's were up to their plan, and just along the road the Daleks are hanging around.

You also talk about Jamie being with any other doctor...well, next year we get the chance to see what it'll be like, because he'll be the Sixth Doctor's companion in his next run of Big Finish stories.

Regarding actors/actresses appearing in both versions of the show. Pauline Collins and David Troughton are two...there's also Louis Mahoney, who played the Older Billy in Blink, and appeared in Frontier in Space (3rd Doctor) and Planet of Evil (4th). An actor called William Thomas had small speaking parts in both Boom Town (he's the guy who trys to warn Margaret Slitheen at the beginning) and Remembrance of the Daleks (playing an Undertaker)..he also played Gwen's father in Torchwood. Oh, and Christopher Ryan, who played the Sontaron Leader in The Sontaran Strategem and The Poison Sky also appeared in The Trial of a Timelord.

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While we're on the topic of Classic Series actors' appearing in NuWho, Geoffrey Palmers (Capt Hardaker from Voyage of the Damned) was in "Doctor Who and the Silurians" as well as "The Mutants" back in the 70s w Jon Pertwee.

Oh..of course, I knew there was an obvious one i was forgetting. Not forgetting that Geoffrey Palmer's son is one of the new series directors (Charles Palmer who directed Smith and Jones, Shakespeare Code, and Human Nature/Family of Blood)

And in fact also in Voyage of the Damned was Clive Swift, who was also in Revelation of the Daleks.

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