Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

J Marv

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Yes, it was one of my favourite books

and Yes, Gene Wilder was awesome in this


I am soooo looking forward to this. Both Depp and Burton have come out and said they have no intention of doing a remake, so I am keen to see what their interpretation of the story is.

Plus, there has been no leakage whatsoever from the set (other than a light being destroyed) so that adds to the suspense for me.

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Now I know I am like 3 years late on this reply, but here is my thoughts on this version of the story:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Review:

Now, I am big fan of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp collaborations, they have a great chemistry together and always make great films together. But this film is an atrocity. Johnny Depp is not funny in this, he's pathetic, every character is so stiff and fake looking you don't even like Charlie in this film. The music is just stupid, can't even try to get into it. Now, I am a little biased because I will forever be a loyal fan of Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but I have read the novel and this is so far from the novel its sickening. No where in the novel do they delve into Willy Wonka's psyche. The books title is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, because it is about Charlie and what happens within his journey through the Factory. The original film was called Willy Wonka, because of legal reasons, nothing more. The sets are probably the only thing I could say that is good. Tim Burton does have a keen sense of atmosphere(kind of like Stanley Kubrick), but that's about it.

I am so glad that the Burton/Depp team have gone back to their genius selves with Sweeney Todd. If you wanna see, I warn you, borrow it from a friend, it is not money you wanna waste on a DVD.

2 out of 10

Sorry again for the late post, but I had to get that off my chest.

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