Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Which TMNT game for NES was the best?  

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No Turtles in Time on this poll?

That was a SNES game; this is a poll asking which NES TMNT game was best.

My bad. Sorry.

To tell the truth, I actually edited the game into the poll before I realized it was a SNES title and this was a NES poll. :doh:

Silly admin!

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Yeah, when I saw the thread title I thought "Turtles in Time", but then I saw the NES part. So I voted 3. Just a real fun game.

Did anybody ever play TMNT Tournament Fighters for SNES? I loved that game, even was in a tournament at my local Blockbuster. :rockon:

I own that game... Raphael is the shiznit

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All these years later and I've yet to beat the first one. :(

The key was to find those kick-ass scroll/white fire wavey attacks and stock up. If you had a boatload of those by the time you got to shredder, it was simply a matter of dodging the de-mutating gun blasts and hosing him with those. He was dead in no time.

BTW TMNT I was the best of the three, if only because the adventure was more in-depth.

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