Dan Didio and Phillip Tan new creative team for the Outsiders.


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From the source.

Announced today at the Long Beach Comic Con, DC’s Executive Editor Dan DiDio will be taking over the reigns of The Outsiders with star artist Philip Tan on pencils.

Here are a few words from Dan himself:

“This is an exciting time for me both personally and professionally. I have been a fan of The Outsiders since their inception and with Pete Tomasi moving on to some very exciting projects in 2010, I have been afforded the opportunity to work with some of my favorite characters. Most importantly, this also gives me the chance to work with the immensely talented Philip Tan, and together I hope we can meet and exceed all expectations for this series.”

And what does Philip Tan have to say?

“I have orders from Dan to hunt down and skewer anyone who buys comics and doesn’t pick this up in January.

Seriously though, I can’t be more excited! Batman and the Outsiders is actually the first DC book I ever bought (and got stolen)! It will be a challenge to pick it up after Peter and Fernando’s run and continue to entertain, but Dan and I are extremely confident that we will be able to create some very exciting visual stories! There are tons of ideas that we want to play with! It is not only a huge honor for me to work on Dan’s first monthly book, but I’m also insanely giddy about being able to be creatively involved on a whole new level with this project, a level that I have never experienced!”



I dropped the Outsiders months ago, but I've heard that Tomasi made the series actually good. Tan I can't take or leave as an artist, and I don't know what to think of DiDido writing.

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It seems to be just a collection of sketches, so I don't mind it. But I can't tell who some of the characters are. I see Creeper, Black Lightning, Owlman, Katana, and maybe Metamorpho. But who are the two purple guys? Are they twins, or an alternate drawing of the same guy? The same goes for the fellow between Black Lightning and Metamorpho? Is that an alternate drawing of Black Lightning? And does it look like someone else is lightly drawn to the right of Owlman?

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I'm assuming the whited out portion is the Superman character. (My money is on a resurrected, possibly zombie Kal-L.)

And nobody misses Geo-Force. Ever.


I'm going for Steel as the superman person.

Also, that's not true, according to previews Black Lantern Terra misses him. Other than that, I couldn't care less about him, or the rest of this team of outsiders in general.

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There are way too many characters wearing the classic S shield nowadays.

Superboy and Steel I'm fine with, because it's been modified for their outfits. But besides Superman, we have Supergirl, Mon-El, Earth-2 Superman (when he was alive), Superboy-Prime was prancing around with it for a while, and now this.

It should mean something, but this waters it down.

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I really like that black and red costume, its all sorts of unusual but still sleek and threatening. Going back to the original seems naff.

edit: Mikes right, but the black and red altered that symbol as well.

The shield doesn't need to be on Mon-El. His connection there is tenous, they should have given him a costume that recalls Supermans but with different colours, some subtle changes and a different symbol.

Supergirl needs the S, I can't see any reason for her to lose it.

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Power Girl does fine without the S. In fact, I prefer it. And, Mon-El's "S" is at least color swapped and smaller. That's not bad.

Its the family shield of people he's not even the same race as. I mean, its nice that they let him wear it so he feels like he belongs, but I'd rather he found his own identity.

Power Girl never had it, so it doesn't seem missing. Although the classic "she's got a hole where a symbol should be because she doesn't know where she's from" is a great explanation for that little costume quirk.

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