Star Trek XII (or the new II)


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I was just going off

The scene where the hands touch the glass. The person on one side in black would be Cumberbatch because we established both what he was wearing and that he was in a glass cell. The other in blue is Spock because he's throwing up the Vulcan sign. They touch the glass directly as the word family is said, by Cumberbatch, in the VO.

He has to be Sybok or similar right?

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I kinda doubt it. For one thing, we know from the IMAX preview that Cumberbatch approaches a family and offers them the chance to save their loved one, so that line could be from there. Also, Kirk wears at least four different outfits in the trailer, and the generic black shirt is actually the normal uniform's undershirt, so it could still be Kirk. Lastly, Cumberbatch doesn't have pointed ears or eyebrows; Spock has pointed ears despite being only half-Vulcan, so by all rights Cumberbatch should have them as well.

I figure the "family" line was just meant to add weight to the last two shots, echoing TWOK.

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Interview with Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve. Sort of spoilers as it contains their character names.

So, going by this interview, it looks like Alice Eve is playing Dr Carol Marcus, Kirk's baby mama, and Cumberbatch is playing neither Khan nor Gary Mitchell but a character named John Harrison, who he describes as a one man WMD.

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At this point, I'm fully aware that Cumberbatch won't be playing Gary Mitchell, but I'm still holding onto hope that he won't be Khan either. The second movie really established Khan in pop culture, far more so than The Space Seed did. until Wrath of Khan, Khan was just another Star Trek villain like Charlie X or Kang or a Gorn. I was really hoping that it would be Gary Mitchell or some other minor villain from the original series so that they could explore the potential of a character who was previously over and done with in 45 minutes in the same way Khan was.

That said, i'm still going to watch this movie and I'll probably have a lot of fun while doing so.

Non-board related fact: my sister-in-law's due date is around about the time of the release of this film. my brother's already told her that he's going to be watching this film no matter what. :)

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