Star Trek XII (or the new II)


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Pike would probably be able to have an implant to remobilised him, it's not far from what we're moving towards now. In TOS it was overall mutilation and damage, not just a back injury. And in TNG Worf's neck break was very high up and a different species, and so much harder to solve.

Why Pike has mutton chops is another thing.

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Edited to add: And it would have to choose Alice Eve in her underwear as the video image. <_<

When I linked to the trailer on Facebook, I had to specifically go to find a video that didn't have underwear-clad Alice Eve as its image. It was literally 2/3rds of all the versions on Youtube. Now, I mean, that 2-second clip of her is one of the greatest things I've seen all year, but I don't want my Facebook friends to think I'm linking to a trailer for a sex comedy.

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