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I need $155! Now! Now! Now!

For that price one (RE: me) could buy pages 11 and 12 of Union Jack #1. Why does that have me in a tizzy? Those are the two Batroc pages as drawn by Mike Perkins! If anyone wants to buy me a Christmas present, here are the links: page 11 and page 12. (There's also page 10, which leads into the sequence and features a brief Batroc flashback.)

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Here's the B&R page. Can't hold a candle to Quitely but I defy someone to tell me this isn't an awesome page. Note the cool coloring and photoshop notes in the margins.

Edit: the top of the page is coming across as one long panel and an entirely different image with a magnified panel. Odd. So here's the bottom panel


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As if I don't have enough expensive hobbies. :rolleyes:

Earlier this year, or in 2008, I bought two Mike Wolfer pieces. The comic book art was Widow's very first appearance in all of her eight legged and fanged glory. From issue three of Widow's Avatar run. Sweet. The other was just an presentation piece of Widow in a more human form.

I bought them when I was single. Now that I am getting married again, I am wondering when I will be able to frame the comic art and display it in all of it NSFW glory. Methinks nekkid spider ladies won't be too popular with the future missus. ;)

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Post it! Post it! Post it!

Anyway, my three pages came in. I have to reglue the word balloons on one of them but they look sweet. Including my favorite page of all time which I'll get pictures of up in my Housing Saga thread when it's framed.

Still waiting on two Cap Britain pages featuring Dracula and a Marvel Adventures FF page featuring the Thing petting Devil Dinosaur and a Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag page. Then I'll start selling some stuff methinks.

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