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This, my favorite comics page of all time featuring the short-lived creation of Steve Gerber in his first appearance, Mr. Graybar.This is the final page of Curtis Comics Haunt of Horror #1. And I loves it. It's by legendary 70s horror artist Vicente Alcazar.


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Alright, almost all of the rest of my collection is here (two more arrived in the mail yesterday but I haven't picked them up yet):

The full scan of the B&R page by Tan and Glapion:


A page from my favoriter single horror comic of all time, Journey Into Mystery Volume 2 #4 (not from the Colan Lovecraft adaptation but from the backup story by Win Mortimer):


This Colan page from Midnight Sons Unlimited #6 came with a vellum overlay. Here's the first without the vellum:


and with:


A Paradise X page by Braithwaite:


And three awesome pages by Javier Saltares from the Dark Horse Heroes book, X:




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Still debating getting this.

Stavros, how big is it? Does he do it on the cover, or on a separate piece of paper.

Its on the inside cover, so it's about A4 sized. Have you read their stuff before? Do you have a character in mind?

I'm really awesomely happy with the finished product, this thing is the only comic I'm keeping in a protective cover on my shelf.

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