Worst Bond film?

Will Batey

Moonraker Vs. Die Another Day  

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Just to add to the other films, I've never seen Moonraker and I used to really like Diamonds are Forever. That was one of the earlier Bonds I saw and I loved the title alone as well as the theme. Nowadays, it is flawed. Severely so, but it isn't the worst.

I actually like the Man with the Golden Gun. I know lots of things are ridiculous in it like Knick-Knack and Pepper, but the premise alone really keeps me invested as well as Christopher Lee's performance. Its one of those times where for me the pros really outweighed the cons

Die Another Day was the first Bond I saw in theatres, and I liked it then. Nowadays it is pretty stupid. I'm planning to watch it in the near future in anticipation for the next podcast, but I expect to really hate Jinx and the CGI. I did like the guy with the diamonds blown across his face. I always thought that was a pretty kickass design for a villain.

Feel free to disagree :P

*Edit-After re-watching Die Another Day, it's easily the worst Bond film lol. Way too many stupid moments and cheesy one-liners.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

That's a pretty big assumption, given that Craig is currently on a "yay!-meh" form record atm. I've voted and I voted prematurely....

I'd say Craig is on a yay 4 Casino and blah 4 Quantum lol

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Was bitterly disappointed by die another day. I had expected it to be great and it was just woeful. then I watched Licence to kill that I thought would be woeful and it was great. So I suppose you can never tell what your gonna get.
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