Something Kind of Cool (Girlfriends and Comics)


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So something kind of cool happened to me recently.

My girlfriend of a year or so showed interest in reading a comic/graphic novel. We had watched a ton of the comic book films together (Iron Man, Dark Knight, The Incredbile Hulk, Watchmen) and I've been getting her to watch Heroes season 1 with me. She's liked them all to varying degrees, with Iron Man and Dark Knight topping obviously and she knew I read graphic novels, although I never really talked about it much. She kind of brought it up to me and I agreed.

So I gave her Y: the Last Man vol. 1 TPB, and Marvels HC. I was racking my brain for what to pick, and I felt these two were really good picks. Marvels as the superhero pick, and Y the Last Man to show that comics isn't all about superheros, plus it's got a ton of sociological and political themes in it, which she likes. A lot of my stuff is crime stuff which I didn't think she'd go for, or traditional superhero stuff which usually has a ton of backstory already implemented, and I wanted something where not a TON of backstory is needed, where it's pretty good as a standalone book, so that's why I picked those books as well.

She called me yesterday to tell me she was angry with me. Angry with me because I only gave her one volume of Y: The Last Man. She read it cover to cover in one sitting and she loved it.

Biggest problem is that she predicted a lot of the mysteries already that you don't find out until the end of the series.

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I've had a slightly similar experience with Lucy. She pulled my copy of Watchmen off of my bookshelf of very own volition, and devoured that. She's since gone into Marvels (which I sent with her to Peru), Killing Joke, Kingdom Come and a few issues of Secret Six, here and there. She seems to be enjoying them, and has some really great responses.

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Yeah I've read the entire series the whole way through and I felt it was a strong comic the entire way. Sure the end isn't as exciting as the build-up...but by that point I was so connected to the characters, and the character work, along with the thematic relevance was always strong.

Yeah, I'm glad she likes it. Hopefully she errs on my opinion and not on yours. I think you're really overstating the "fumbling of the series."

Anyways, I'll let you know what she thought of Marvels, when she gets to it.

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