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About the court scene in "Blackest Night" I did think it a bit strange that James commented on how weird it was that the setup was similar to Earth courts, and Mike then commented on how there were things happening that weren't allowed in court. Well, alien court, alien rules.

Hell, if the rules were anything like ours, John wouldn't be on trial. Kanjar Ro was a) smuggling, b) aiding an insurrection, c) fired upon someone acting in an official capacity. Under Earth (well, American - OK, my bias is showing) law, if a death occurs during the course of a felony, the person committing the felony can be charged with the crime. Kanjar Ro would be the one charged.

It did seen that the prosecutor had a beef with the GL Corps. I think that's why he overlooked the fact that Kanjar knew more about the sequence of events than he should have. That's the sort of thing that Nick Charles or Perry Mason would have jumped on to prove there was more going on, but since John wasn't defending himself, it slipped by. In that sense, you can not only accept it, but almost look at it as a hint the writers slipped in to tell us that the hero of the show, in the second story of the series, will not be executed for genocide. In case you were worried.

There was another one of those in "Enemy Below" - General Brak is ranting at Aquaman, and Orm cuts him off, citing respect to the king. Brak apologizes - to Orm, not Aquaman. I just caught that on rewatching, but in hindsight, it seems to hint that those two are plotting and that Brak listens to Orm more than to Arthur.


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