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It's not often that I'll actively follow the development of a game leading up to its release, but Brutal Legend was a little different. For one, the concept sounded crazy: a heavy metal-themed, open-world adventure game with real-time strategy battles as the big set pieces. It sounded like nothing I'd ever played before, and that made me curious. It certainly helped to hear that it was being developed by Double Fine, whose previous game, Psychonauts, I very much enjoyed. The only thing that I really questioned was the involvement of Jack Black, who voiced the main character Eddie Riggs and provided the basis for his design. It's not like I actively dislike Black, it's just that he tends to play a very specific character type: the loud, overconfident, and bumbling hero who is incapable of doing anything right until the final act. And it's a character I've been tired of for a while.

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