Episode 367


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Watching the film/listening right now.

Regarding the non-shock reactions to Diana winning the contest, you really only see two other amazons on screen for about two seconds before Hippolyta hands her the gear, and frankly given their status as cushion-carriers they might well have had no idea that Diana was banned in the first place. The key reaction is Hippolyta herself, whose face doesn't change but she does pause to take in the information. Its clear that she's not happy with this but understands that her daughter has made the choice to compete and through winning is the best candidate.

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Just got to listen to this.

James said that he couldn't believe that the director was the same person who did Superman Doomsday.

Well, you might also want to keep in mind that unlike many of these movies, this one was written by Gail Simone.

About Steve Trevor being like Hal Jordan, well when Steve Trevor was first in the comics it was World War 2, in this movie, they want to modernize the Golden Age Wonder Woman story, so there had to be a certain changes to that character.

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Ha. Clearly it was someone from the forums. I don't know why else they'd care to list our names like that.

Though I can't help but laugh at the idea of someone going to that page and just going, "well shit, Dubs liked it", like I'm anybody.

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