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"We're in pre-production right now on a project called 'Battle Angel' which is something I've been working on for several years and we're just, we're finishing up the shooting draft right now. We've been designing, it's a big science fiction film and a couple things that will be interesting about this project," he says in the interview.

Cameron added that "the main character, even though it's a live action film, the main character will be done with CG animation and the second thing that's interesting is we're going to be shooting it in 3D using the stereo imagining system that we've been developing for the documentaries."

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I really do not want James Cameron to do a Battle Angel movie. ESPECIALLY not one with a shitload of CG animation. I'm not a fan of his directing. Not to mention the English dubbed version of BAA sucks balls because the voices are too high and it totally detracts from the story. The Japanese version (as usual) is so much better. I can't see how remaking it like this will be any better than the crappy English dub.

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