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Strictly local this year... and a significant drop from con attendance in years past.

Star Trek convention in San Francisco, Sunday January 24th only. (Too damn expensive for anything more than that, damn Creation ticket prices. $200 bucks for a photo op with Patrick Stewart!?!)

Wonder Con at Moscone Center, in SF (again) Friday through Sunday, April 2nd - 4th. (This might be the first time that I go all three days.)

BayCon in Santa Clara (a stone's throw from the Great America amusement park) Friday through Monday, May 28th -31st (aka Memorial Day weekend)

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When I read that at first, I took as you were going to C2E2 for a second and got excited. Oh, but the video was nice also.

Yeah, sorry, going to just edit that. I would go this year, if travelling and stuff didn't cost so much, and I wasn't always near broke, but I could always save for next year now. Fuck it, I will.

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Just wanted to know who has tickets/is planning to come, if anyone needs a place to sleep, and what night might be good for a party.

As you know, I am currently coming and have a hotel. I know I kinda want to take one night to shop after the con which I'll probably have more energy to do on Friday so Saturday night might be preferred though I can do either.

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Saturday would probably be the best for anything, would be my bet.

And this is all dependent on how taxes turn out (I'll know that probably by the end of this week), but tenatively, I'll be coming, and if I do, I'll probably be getting a hotel room with Preston and his little lady.

EDIT: And I just found out that the people who make the awesome perfumes that I wear are going to have a booth there, so, yeah, you'd damn well better bet I'm going to do everything in my power to be there. :P

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One of my pals had to drop out from C2E2(He's in the guard and it's a mandatory guard weekend. He's pissed.) so I'm in the process of finding someone else to take his ticket and place in our hotel room. I'll probably have an extra person coming to the party with me then, Niki. Also means I need to rethink some other things for the weekend but ehh.

Edited because it never hurts to clarify what you're talking about...

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So, uhm, even more awesomeness announced for C2E2.

Saturday night?

Neil Gaiman will be doing a reading as a benefit for teh CBLDF. And if you have a badge? It's $15 to get in in general seating.

Have made plans with people to come down Saturday morning and be in a hotel Saturday night, so I should be there.

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Not a convention per se but I'm going up to London to see an all evening panel/lecture dealie with amongst others Alan Moore, Stewart Lee and the Actor Kevin Eldon. Stewart Lee is basically my favourite comedian and he already interviewed Alan Moore for a documentary he did on blasphemy-

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