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Well, even though it looks like I'm headed to McCormick Place alone, I'm gonna check out the final day of festivities tomorrow and see what's shakin'. I hope to meet some of you again this year, and make new acquiantances as well. If anyone's on the lookout, I'll be the ginger in an Eleventh Doctor outfit...

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Pictures are coming later. In the meanwhile, here's my con report. This year was a lot of fun. We had a smaller turn-out than last year but quality. I'm happy that Matt, my roomie, really integrated with our group pretty well. Hannah baked up a storm and just was always her awesome self. Glad to have her as a co-host. Kellen was a pretty good roommate and had good humor about the Canadian jokes. Sorry for their pervasiveness. Dubs, you rock as always and you have great taste in soda. Mike didn't join us for the evening shit sessions as much as last year but we were able to hang out despite a mistake where I didn't recognize him and walked right past him.

The con itself was freaking awesome. In just it's third year, I really got to say that C2E2 is just going to continue to get bigger. The rooms they had for the panels this year were great. They were spacious without feeling like they were overly empty. They also still have a good mixture of the smaller creators and the big two.

Things that I have thoughts on for next year: I loved that we did Sushi but, weighing the cost, I'm going to suggest doing something else for next year. This is especially true since we had a small group this year but Oysy, while good, was just too small. One of the more fun parts of the weekend was Galloping Ghost. I really want to do this again next year. One thing we might want to take advantage of is that we were out and about when we hit up the arcade. Maybe we can find a good restaurant nearby or along the way back.

Pictures and swag list coming tomorrow.

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Yeah, Oysy was great food wise (even if I got a bit too much), but it was my biggest expense this weekend. I do think the vast majority of us like Asian, so maybe something along those lines?

And absolutely, we need to do Galloping Ghost again. So much fun.

Thanks again so much for coming and picking me up when I got off the bus on Thursday, guys, even if it got in about an hour late (definitely going for the earlier time if I have the option next year). Stupid bumper to bumper Chicago traffic. Dubs was a great roomie and awesome person as always, Matt was an awesome addition to the group (and I seriously hope you can get him on the forums, Will), it was nice seeing Kellen again, and as always, it was wonderful to see my awesomesauce cohost, Will. Had a good balance of panels and wandering the floor, and the guests they got were perfect for the con, can't wait to see what they do next year.

My highlights of the con included a bunch of artists (Jeph Jacques and Jill Thompson most notably) liking the cookies I ended up fairying out, teaching everyone how to play Cards Against Humanity, and spending last night watching those really weird old video game commercials and MST3K.

I managed to find some good Madoka figurines, an awesome Shadowcat art noveau shirt and an amusing MLP/Skyrim shirt (that is unintentionally a super limited edition because they got Cease and Desisted right when the trademarks/copyrights went in), a neat Questionable Content D&D print (and a sketch from Jeph), and a Skottie Young's Avenger Toddlers v X-Babies print.

Picture time!



Sexy sexy deep dish


Len Wein!


Totally found my cosplay for next year. Also possibly my Halloween costume.


Total webcomic artist stalker photos (Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content, Danielle Corsetto of Girls with Slingshots, and others)


Om nom red velvet french toast. I always forget how filling this is.


My other friends, who I unfortunately wasn't able to run into that much, as Fiona and Death

(Seriously someone had better have gotten photos of Galloping Ghost, my phone was dying then.)


Eleven: totes a brony.


Even Jeph Jacques thinks my cookies are awesome. This is actual proof of this. :P

Also, Dubs, when you get home, let me know if it's okay to post the photo of you in the Gir hat on here.

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I got pictures of GG. I'm probably going to let my brain cool down before I start doing research but hey, I'm cool with Chinese, Korean, or Thai food. I just want to take Sushi off the table since I know I found myself paying like 40 bucks. We have over a year to decide on some of this so it should be alright.

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Pictures and Swag. I kept everything in spoilers since, otherwise, it would be a big post. Well, bigger.






Pictures of food:

Miso Soup:


Dragon Roll from Oysy:


King Crab and Tamago Sushi:


Spinach, Potato, and Chicken frittata with Goat Cheese:



Kellen playing a sniping game:


Matt and Hannah playing some shooter. Ikaruga?


Kellen and Matt rest:


Waiting on the Shuttle:


Now for my loot list. Most of what I got were trades or give aways:

X-Force: Sex and Violence HBK

X-Force vol. 2: The Final Chapter

The Stuff of Legends Book 1: The Dark

Locke and Key Vol. 2: Head Games

Locke and Key Vol. 3: Crown of Shadows

All-Star Superman vol. 1 +2

Hellboy: Seed of Destruction

District X Vol. 1: Mr. M

Whedonistas: A Celebration of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Him

Monstrous Regiment

Doctor Who: Decalogs (Both of these were free give aways by one of the booths.

Vengeance #1-3, 5

Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega #1

X-Men Unlimited # 38

Astonishing Spider-man and Wolverine Must-Have

Joker's Asylum: Scarecrow One-Shot

Spider-Island: The Avengers One-Shot

Age of X Universe #1+2

Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Red Robin One-Shot

Gladstone's School for World Conquerors #1

The Defenders vol. 4 #1

Journey into Mystery #623-628 (All the single issues were from a buy 10, get 10 free sale at one of the booths which was already 1 dollar issues.)


Anyway, I really can't believe we've already gone past this year. I really hope I can swing Chicago TARDIS this year, especially since it's not like I'm going to be doing anything else that weekend. I really enjoyed getting to hang out with everyone and I can't wait for next year.


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I wish I could afford to do all of those cons. Unluckily, I really only have the money for like two big cons a year. Just because of the distance between them, Chicago TARDIS and C2E2 seem the most likely. Also because I see myself spending much less at Chicago TARDIS than at, say, New York Comic-Con or Dragon-Con when I would just blow through money like it ain't no thing. The other problem with New York is that I would probably spend more time sight seeing than at the con. I prefer Chicago as a city but New York just has this something about it that screams, "See everything in me!"

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I'll go to NYC again, to see my friend, but I don't think for NYCC. It was just too big, too crowded, and you know, I'm not that interested in four hour queue lines to see the things I want, it turns out.

If enough folks go to Chicago TARDIS, I might drop down for the weekend; maybe not to go to the con, cause the ticket prices that I saw were kind of whoa, but to hang with folks.

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I'm tied to Ai-Kon as far as my next con goes (anyone want to come, anyone? :P) and I would need to save up quite a bit of money and bank some vacation time to do another trip, so probably nothing until this time next year. Thinking of doing c2e2 and maybe Anime Detour.

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