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A few of the places. Ones preceeded by a (*) feel kinda like a definite.

*Gioradanos- Chicago Style, awesome as fuck, a small will give you dinner and breakfast the next day.

*Yolk- Don't care if you're a breakfast person or not, this is fucking good breakfast with huge portions. You will not have to worry about lunch once after breakfast at Yolk.

*Harold's Chicken Shack- Technically fast food but it is FUCKING AWESOME chicken. As Koete said once, "You can get hot sauce on your chicken then hot sauce on your fires and you can get hot sauce on the side."

Eleven City Diner- A pretty good Jewish Deli. Brisket. 'nuff said. A little expensive.

Chicago Curry House- Has good reviews on Yelp and doesn't look too expensive for a sit down.

Pita Heaven- Once again, Yelp says it's good, it's close, and the pictures show good portions for good portions.

Outside of that, looking for a good Asian place so I'll keep looking. Still, there are some places and we'll get everything figured out.

One last thing: I have picked out two candidates for my bad movie. One is a Large Farva. The other one is probably within the three worst films I have ever seen. I'll let you guys decide which one based off title. I'm not going to tell you which is which though. I am a very evil human being.

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I generally go with really godawful movies over Large Farvas. I think they lend themselves to more viewer participation and yelling.

Did someone in years past say there was a good Thai restaurant? Thai is my absolute favorite kind of food, so naturally I'm curious.

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What's the CTA again? And where is it in relation to O'Haire?

CTA=Chicago Transit Authority. And my bad, thought you were flying into Midway. Blue/Orange/Green/Vermillion Line is the Train/Subway. Here's a Google Map to the transit from O'hare to the Hotel. Hope this is of help. Kel or the Brits can probably give you pointers.

I don't believe the Hotel has an airport shuttle. O'hare does have shuttles. I haven't checked prices. Part of the problem is that O'Hare is in Rosemont which is technically not Chicago while the Hotel is in deep Chicago.

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It looks like O'Hare to Monroe on the Blue Line and then Monroe to Roosevelt on the Red Line may work. However, I am very possibly going to decide that a cab ride to the hotel is worth it once I step off the plane.

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Seriously, Mike, you gotta get an airport that's not a billion miles outside town.

It's odd how far outside of the city our two major airports are. Midway is closer, but the train ride from there to the South Loop (where you guys are staying) isn't the briefest of travels.

As for Thai, I'll let Mike suggest a place because Yelp is not helping. Closest to the Hotel is Ma & I but I also remember from past years that Mike has not given it favorable reviews.

There's a place called Thai Spoon on the corner of Harrison and Wabash. I dig it, but it doesn't have the best reviews. That could be because I tend to go there during lunch, and not during their busier dinner hours.
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Either day could work, but Thursday might be better just because do we know if everyone will be in Chicago by Wednesday at 4:00-7:00? The game should be over by 4:00 on Thursday and we could go anytime after we leave Wrigley. Just my two cents.

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Panels that Will is Currently Looking At


We Are BOOM! 2:45-3:45

Del Rey Books Spotlight on Science Fiction/Fantasy 4:00-5:00


Power Rangers Reunion 1:30-2:30

Aw Yeah, Dark Horse! 3:00-4:00

MARVEL: Next Big Thing 4:15-5:15


The Let's Play Panel 10:45-11:45

Warehouse 13 1:15-2:15

Anything else is icing on the cake. I will probably change it up if everyone else if planning to do one panel or another/Mike has a panel he wants recorded but he has to do another one also. I almost feel like I should do a DC panel but, well, it's current DC.

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No preference as far as what days we do what meals. The one thing I was wanting to know if there was interest was if people would like to do a run to Galloping Ghost Arcade. If there is anyone that does not know of it, here's a link:

One of the coolest arcades I've ever been too. It's in the suburbs, so arranging the transport may be a bit tough, though public transport is available if a bit long (about an hour each way, but hey that's just more hangout time for those going).

Also, just got back from Anime Detour. Tony Oliver is a fucking awesome panelist (especially when he busts out the personal archive stuff for Power Rangers).

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As with every year, here's a very basic itinerary. Please, comment, construct, tell me what will work best for you.

Wednesday, April 23rd: Most of us get into Chicago. Hannah gets in rather early, followed by Will around one. James's plane gets in around noon. We check into the hotel. Kel gets in sometime later. I say let's eat dinner someplace cheaper. There are more than a few sandwich places nearby. Then, depending on how exhausted everyone is by the day of traveling, we either hangout or pass out. Not that there's much choice with all of us in the same room

Thursday, April 24th: Grab breakfast someplace and then those of us who want to hit up the ballgame grab the train to get there. Matt gets in at some point. After the game, we hit up Thai Spoon for dinner. A night of hanging out. Probably Cards Against Humanity. Hell if I know.

Friday, April 26th: We all get up and have an early breakfast at Yolk and then head to the con. Anyone not doing the con does their things. The rest of us goes to the con. Fun is had. We return back sometime in the afternoon/evening. Dan and Wendy get in sometime in the evening. I figure we order Giordano's this night so as to make maximum advantage of leftovers. This night, I figure we bullshit. Talk. Whatever. No games unless they are of the social variety.

Saturday, April 27th: We get up, grab Breakfast, and take out leisurely time over to the con. We have fun or whatever and then get back to the hotel at some point. I'm going to vote for Harold's Chicken Shack since I figure people will be staggering back from the con, plus we can get it to go. We watch some bad movies. Fun times

Sunday, April 28th: Breakfast, check-out, and head to the con. More funish times. People head home as they see fit. If you're heading back via Union or Midway, Matt and I can probably drop you off or something.

If you have anything to add, speak up. I can say right now, I will probably not be up for Galloping Ghost this year myself, mainly since I'm planning to go to the con proper everyday this year for most of the afternoon and evenings don't provide much in the way of free time.

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The only day I'm thinking of doing anything not con related is Thursday, and I'm going out to Mitsuwa that day. GG would have to be a half day minimum, so I'm not thinking this year. I might have additional plans depending on friend type things I'll be meeting out there, but that shouldn't interfere with any of ours.

Otherwise, everything is looking good to me.

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We might wanna switch CAH night for the night everyone will be here (Fri), but that's just me wanting to see how Dan and Wendee would play, lol.

I am also on a mission for a friend to bring back a bottle of Malort for a Malort party, in what will probably be one of our more poorly advised ideas.

Just over a week!

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As of right now, the weather is supposed to be mostly cloudy with a mixture of Mid-50s to Upper 60s next week.

Also, I will most likely not be joining for the ball game. I'm going to probably only have enough to get me through Friday when I have funds again. I'll make sure whoever does though knows the right train to take and everything.

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