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Current weather report for C2E2:

Wednesday: Partly Cloudy, High 53, Low 45

Thursday: Thunderstorms, High 65, Low 52

Friday: Showers, High 67, Low 44

Saturday: Mostly Cloudy, High 49, Low 40

Sunday: Showers, High 52, Low 44

So, bring jeans with maybe shorts Thursday and Friday. Also, an umbrella and a rain slicker just in case.

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Yeah, James, the hotel has a nice enough lobby which they won't mind you waiting in until we can get there. Hannah, would you be up for splitting a Taxi to the hotel? Should only be about 10 dollars and as much I would like the walk, I also don't want to leave James sitting around waiting on us for longer than he has to.

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Okay Dan, the question then is, since we'll all be leaving Sunday, if on Saturday night you'd prefer a night of bull shutting, bad movies, or card games? Since you effectively only get one night with the young'uns and all.

I'm up for pretty much whatever. I have to assume bullshitting will commence regardless of the activity, and that's largely what I'm after. I'm always down for shitty movies.

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So review of my itinerary says if my plane is one time and I can get myself to the subway line in time My train will get in at 7:16 PM, and it'll take me 10 minutes to get there. If anyone wants to meet me at any point along the way let me know.

Anyone need my phone# check my facebook. I can receive (and to a limited degree) send texts so please contact me that way.

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