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Will be here, erm, probably later Saturday night will be best, after the NG thing, pending plans with someone who may or not be there and who I haven't seen/barely communicated with since graduation cause her girlfriend is very... possessive, shall we say. And also the ability to get to/from the Essex.

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Here's what I'm thinking:

If y'all don't feel like going somewhere public as a group, we can party at my place and I will provide booze and food.

If you want some really great sushi, there is a place near my house we can go to, then we can go back to my place after. If we do this, you'll need to pay for your own food.

Saturday night could work. I know y'all might make other plans, but Mike and I really want to make this happen; it's not often so many E-2ers are in the same place at once.

PM or e-mail me for my address, and we can figure out transport. I am within a (long) walking distance from the Green Line, but both Mike and I have cars and can do pick ups (but probably not drunk drop-offs). I also have two fold-out sleeper sofas, just in case. And non E-2 friends are welcome, of course.

Any food/booze requests? Activities? Etc?

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Well, if anyone else does do next year and doesn't hit up Niki in time for couch privileges, we can try to work out some kind of hotel roommate shit or something.

Surprised no one hit me up for couch dibs. I mean, come on, really? You dislike me that much?

For shame.

I kid.

A little.

I would have if 1) I didn't have other people I was coming with who I don't mind ditching for the night but not the entire weekend and 2) I was already locked into said arrangement months ago before couch dibs ever was put on the table. Besides, I'm on vacation and this is the only time of year I get to sleep on a real bed.

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Besides, I'm on vacation and this is the only time of year I get to sleep on a real bed.

Well, now you’ve got me curious. I’m going to be severely disappointed if you don’t sleep in a hammock for some hilarious reason.

Nope, futon. It's not the most comfortable thing but, at the end of the day, it serves it's purpose.

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My anticipation for ACen is building even more as the event draws near. Bought up almost everything for my cosplay (all I need now is a green scarf), I got my badge in the mail and I am presently uploading my new AMV for the contest. Only 33 days until I board the bus. Woo.

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If I have the money prior to ACen (probably going to use the paycheck after I get back from C2E2 to replace my MacBook's bulging battery...), I might try to find a black sports bra and a sari on eBay to try and do a quick ghetto cosplay of her:


(I'm counting on there being a bunch of Vanilles at ACen, to be honest. xD)

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