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I'd imagine the muffled sound was a bit of an issue.

The only reason I can even afford to piece this thing together is because after two+ years, I finally got a refinance on my mortgage. And I hate buying pre-made costumes. Cobbling one together out of Goodwill clothing and various department store goods is more fun and rewarding.

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So, we're about 6 months out from C2E2 (where does the time fly) so, as I do every year, a quick report on the hotels so we can make an educated guess on hotels for anyone who thinks they might be able to make it.

  1. Best Western Grant Park
    Price Per Night: $139
    Pros: We've done this one every year and it's in close proximity to everything
             It's not a bad price.
    Cons: It has really gone down in quality.
  2. The Essex
    Price Per Night: $139
    Pros: Cheap
             Close to all the places we normally haunt.
    Cons: You can't control the heating or cooling
              Hannah had some bad experiences with them in the past.
    3. Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers
    Price Per Night: $139
    Pros: Good Price for a Four Star Hotel
             It has a pool
    Cons: It's a little further away (On the other side of the river near the Magnificent Mile).
             Parking is not so hot.

So, if you're thinking of going, give some input. Prices are from the Con website. I haven't started looking at other sites yet, will probably start doing that in a few weeks when they start having prices.

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Also, a new option, depending on if I get the apartment I applied for:

-I may have a fairly decent sized apartment with a large living room and a dining room that can easily sleep a few extra people. 3rd floor walk up, and about a half hour out from the McCormick on the red line (off the Argyle stop). There will be a cat.

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With the Best Western the last couple of years, I've done parking through an online site where I've used an outdoor lot that was maybe 10 dollars a night as opposed to the crap ton most hotels charge. I'll reevaluate with parking when I get home.

Edited to add: oh wait, I think that was in reference to Hannah's offer. Still going to check parking stuff regardless.

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