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Saw this movie on a date last night and

really disliked it. Jean Grey SO did not need to be there as often as she was, it had way too many villains/bosses, was too slow in the first half and too fast in the second half, barely developed the romance with Mariko, and even at an hour in six minutes, felt like it was half and hour too long.

It had its moments, such as the fight atop the speeding train and Wolverine interrogating the Minister of Justice, and I will say I liked Yukio and that the film was a great advertisement for visiting Japan. None of these were strong enough to make this worthwhile, nor was the post-credit prologue to the next film.

I've never read Claremont-Miller Wolverine miniseries, but fans of that probably had a field day after this. The only thing keeping me from calling this the worst comic book film since Spider-Man 3 is the fact that I haven't seen The Spirit or X-Men Origins: Wolverine (and I like X-Men: First Class, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Man of Steel).

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