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Shoot, now I've gotta ask a question... umm...

OK, Office Space. Writer (and Beavis & Butt-Head / King of the Hill creator) Mike Judge has a guest appearance in a somewhat memorable role near the middle of the film. Who did he play?

He's listed under a different name in the credits, so don't expect any help there. And the character isn't named, so just a suitable description will do.

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It been a bit since a question was posted so I'll throw one out there,

What television show did George Romero get his start on directing shorts?

I'm just guessing and gonna say "Living Dead"

Nope. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood baby!

Who initially turned down the Dr. Loomis role in Halloween?

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As a Kevin Smith fan, this one I know.

Both Seth Green and Breckin Meyer auditioned for the part after the studio made Kevin Smith take auditons for the role.

When they were shooting Mallrats for Universal, the studio had a problem with Jason Mewes(because they didn't think he could act), so Jason Mewes had to audition for the role Jay, Seth Green and Brecken Meyer did audition for the roles as well.

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