Generation Lost


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I haven't seen this posted anywhere else on the forums, so here it goes:

DC is prepping a second bi-weekly series called Generation Lost. It's apparently a JLI reunion book written by Keith Giffen and Judd winick and will star Booster Gold, Rocket Red, Fire, Ice, Captain Atom and Blue Beetle. No word on which Beetle but a silhouette in the preview art looks like Ted. I'd post it here but I can't figure out how to do that. It's in the link.

I hope this doesn't mean Jamie's being written out. It'd be Shayera Thal all over again.

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I think that silhouette is a post Blackest Night Martian Manhunter.

:w00t: Even better!

No Guy? Downer.

The art is terrible. Fire looks like a 50 year old Brazilian Hooker.

That's just the cover artist, and I agree, it does look like shit.

Yeah, normally I love Tony Harris but he doesn't seem to be a good fit for such a light hearted team.

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