Amityville Horror Remake


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Talked to Yoda about it the other day, but I just caught a little thing on MTV about it. The house looks horrible and not even like the original. There is even a scene where one of the kids is on the roof in the rain and he hits his dad with an antenne.

Dear Hollywood,

DIE ! FUCKING GO CHOKE AND DIE YOU STUPID SONS OF BITCHES. I'm sick of people trying to ruin horror movies with fucking remakes. How long until you actually decide to remake Friday the 13th? I thought that Evil Dead was untouchable, but OH FUCK ME, it isn't. Sometimes, I wonder if you do this just to fuck with our heads. I swore that when Texas Chainsaw Massacre was remade, I would never watch it... well, I got bored a few weeks ago and guess what? The only thing on one of my 250+ channels was TCM. So, I watched it... and it's one of the worst fucking things I have ever seen. The cinematography is shot to fucking hell (the main thing that was so fucking awesome about it), not to mention the whole complete deviation from the original plot. Now, you're doing Evil Dead and Amityville... two that I thought would never be remade. I guess that the next up will be Friday the 13th, The Exorcist, Halloween (there's ANOTHER fucking sequel to this in the works right now... FUCKING JOY! PHT!), and Nightmare on Elm Street. Get a new fucking brain, Hollywood, and start thinking up some original stuff. Not even the stuff that they try and pass off as original is original nowadays. The Grudge... The Ring... JAPANESE BITCHES. I would fucking kill for some good, original horror at this point in time. It seems that is too far out of the scope of your feeble fucking brain though. I HATE YOU AND HOPE THAT YOU DIE AND ROT IN FUCKING HELL OR WHATEVER THE FUCK IT IS THAT YOU BELIEVE IN YOU STUPID LITTLE PUSSY BITCHES.


Cash Melville

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Actually, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" was remade twice? The 2003 remake, and this:

Here's the thing with this film: Kim Henkel and Tobe Hooper co-wrote the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, however Kim was not involved with either Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 or Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 and openly admits that he didn't like either of those films. So, years later, he sat down to write and direct his own TCM 2. For whatever reason (and no one is really sure why) he started to incorporate certain elements of the original, giving it the feeling of a remake and thus confusing people. What it comes down to is that this is a sequel. A bad one, but a sequel nonetheless.

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