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My thoughts on last weeks episode. I thought it was alright In the sense that I never felt that sense of danger or worry about the team or the problem they were facing. I was happy to finally see Psimon in action in some form.

I loved the ending though "Can we keep it!?"

I will say, my main gripe with the show is Miss Martian saying about four times every episode "Hello Megan!" It is just really starting to grate on me. Like they are trying to give her this catchphrase and are hoping it will stick.

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What are your specific criticisms?

Well let me start out by saying I may not be entirely objective about this series since I had ridiculously high expectations due to it being produced by Greg Wiseman who previously worked on The Spectacular Spider-Man before it was canceled (which I may be unfairly holding against this series).

Anyway now on to my thoughts: First, I dont like the character portrayals in this series, all the characters seem to have some sort of catchphrase or running gag which feel make the characters feel constricted and frankly, annoying. (Robin: has this weird laughing in every fight scene, Miss Martian: says Hello Megan every time she thinks, Superboy: May have said 2 words in the entire series, other than that hes just screaming for no good reason Kid Flash: and his uncontrollable hormones)

I guess this is just part of my Spectacular Spider-Man bias but I just dont feel connected to these characters. I would love to see their high school lives along with their superhero lives, and how their personal problems at school can interfere with their other persona and this would lead to a number of interesting possibilities. I guess some people wouldnt like the high school soap opera aspect but hell, they pulled it off in Spider-Man. I guess the reason I thought the show would include this was because of all the promotional posters "No Curfew", "First Date", Final Exam "Sweet Sixteen" and "Leaving Home" havent seen any of this in the show.

Ive also thought the stories to be somewhat weak and disjointed (especially with this The Light group who seem to have every super villain in their employ). I think their just a weak attempt to apply a continuity to these otherwise standalone episodes. Each episode seems to have similar structure: the Young Justice go on a mission, they realize its too dangerous because they cant work together so they decide to contact the League, they cant for whatever reason, so they work out their problem and win. (oh and then theres an crazy twist where it turns out that the villain is reporting to The Light) Like Oh My God I didnt see that coming!

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Cartoon Network's website accidentally leaked an episode recently before getting it down after a day or two but it's still online if you know where to look.

Outside of being a pretty good Red Arrow spotlight, we also get to confirm Luthor and Ra's al Guhl are also members of The Light.

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She's not necessarily a robot. Could be a cyborg. Another touch I liked is that most of the students at the high school are pastiches of members of the Teen Titans, even sharing names if you look at the credits. The African-American girl and her boyfriend are Vox and Bumblebee. The skateboarder and the black-haired chearleader are Wendy and Marvin. Hell, the teacher was Snapper Carr. Just saying that we might have hints that the high school is more than it seems.

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Hmmm...for some reason I thought the school might secretly be run by Queen Bee and that its mascot was a hint at that, but what you said re: Bumblebee makes more sense.

Best exchange of the episode:

Aqualad: A last name will also be required.

Martian Manhunter: Perhaps...Kent.

Miss Martian: Oh, in memory of Dr. Fate, the late Kent Nelson!

Martian Manhunter: Of...course.

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It's very possible that scheduling may just be weird, or they haven't entirely finished production aspects on new episodes, or CN is just being CN, or that they may be waiting for the DC Nation miniblock.

That's the mostly likely one to me. You'd want to advertise that time and say "Watch new episodes of..." instead of just repeating episodes that have already aired.

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They're saving the upcoming Young Justice miniseries for the beginning of 2012, which would make it perhaps the flagship show for the DC block (along with Green Lantern). They've still got the entire latter half of this season of YJ to air this year, though. They may be saving it for the fall.

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This morning on the radio, someone said the word "overwhelmed." The following happened:

Davin: What does overwhelmed mean?

Me: (gives him deifnition) Do you understand?

Davin: No.

Megan: (gives him deifnition) Now, do you understand?

Davin: kind of.

Cade: What does "whelmed" mean?

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