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This is why that doesn't bother me:

To be fair to DC Comics, this actually doesn't have too much to do with them; it's part of a line of Warner Bros. television and movie merchandise toasters coming out in September from Dynamic Forces, alongside toasters branded with logos and artwork from The Wizard of Oz, Friends, The Goonies and various other favorites.

Even though those novelty toasters are silly, to complain about this would be roughly equivalent to complaining about any other piece of Watchmen merchandise like T-shirts, water bottles, and boxers.

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People do tend to complain about those since the button thing in the eighties. And all the politics aside, why Watchmen? No one would be complaining about a Bat-Toaster or a Toaster of Steel. Hell, those are so Silver Age-y, I'd buy one. This kind of rampant consumer marketing of Watchmen seems exclusively made to piss off Alan Moore.

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I don't mind this. Is it silly? God yes but as Preston just said, no one would complain about a Batman Toaster. To me, The Wizard of Oz is more of a golden idol than Watchmen. If I were going to roll my eyes at something, it would be that. I just don't see what's the big deal unless you're Alan Moore. Then I guess you have the right to have a conniption or something.

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According to the report, it's part of a much wider line that includes mostly non-DC properties, including Goonies. If it were a line entirely made up of DC properties, then yeah, it'd be easy to point the finger at DC and be done with it. But this is clearly a line meant to represent WB's history of films and various properties.

It's a reaction to the relatively small novelty toaster craze that mostly goes back to the Darth Vader toaster. Unless DC heard that WB was doing this line of toasters and specifically went and asked to have a Watchmen one made, it's unlikely that this in any way originates from DC. Also notice that it's not labeled "Before Watchmen" in any way; it's just imagery from the original story.

I could see DC giving approval for it if it were suggested to them, but given the nonsensicalness of it it makes more sense that it was added by WB to help expand the line, rather than the other way around.

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I've actually been reading the first issues, purely because the only thing that could counteract my underlying opposition to this whole concept is my hunt for ordeals to put Chris through on Waiting for the Trade. Silk Spectre was probably the best so far.

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