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Mu La Flaga

In Witch Hunter Robin, what is Robin's main mode of transportation?

A motorbike

Close, but no, I'm looking very specific here.

Ah, you mean a Vespa, then?

Yes, and it's a scooter, anyhow, go

Yeah, yeah, yeah. :bang:

What are the names of the two pseudo-vampires who lead the attack on the Hellsing compound (in the anime)? I want both their full names spelled correctly.

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He does it through a voice changing microphone cleverly disguised as his bow tie.

Yes, but there's more to it.

Ah, I should have read between the lines.

First, he knocks Richard out with a small tranq dart from his wristwatch; and while he is unconscious, Conan hides so no one can see him and then uses the aforementioned bow tie. The illusion is made that Richard solves the case while meditating.

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