Episode 04


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Tonight, we podcast in Hell! Just how annoyed is Megan by Zack Snyder's 300? She makes a lot of noises, sings about stabbing, and wants rainbows. And then there's the whole thing about beheading Des if the carpet wouldn't get stained. Megan likes the Iliad except for, you know, the part about the war. Des talks about history too much, and wishes wars were fought with swords like in the good ol' days. Megan makes up a word. Des stretches to bring up subtext, and Megan barely buys it. CGI abs? Which member of British royalty does Megan have a crush on? Trick question! She has a crush on two! All this and more in this episode of Married to Movies! [ 38:48 || 18.1 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/marriedtomovies/episodes/marriedtomovies_004.mp3

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'm perfectly fine with you two using my real name (it's only my first name, after all), for future reference. :P

Also, I don't know how much Megan knows about Frank Miller, but you probably should've mentioned the original comic was made by him to her; it explains a lot.

And the crazy grain fields thing I think (from what limited amount I know about Greek mythology) was supposed to be the Fields of Elysian? Don't know if Spartan beliefs lined up with that, but.

I'll probably take you up on that call-in challenge. xD

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Before you start rubbing your hands with glee about the end of FYEO, Reddicks, bear in mind it was one of my listeners that sent you your piece of feedback for the week! :P

I don't remember what episode of the main podcast that I reviewed 300 on, but I as much as remember marking it down for being simplistic and not for appealing to everyone. Will have to give it another spin in the DVD machine to see if I agree with Des about the CGI being a tad dated, but I can imagine that being the case. Good show and I look forward to next week's episode!

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Jolly good show! Personally whilst I know why they added in the subplot with the queen I felt it actually detracted from a story that really only need about 45-50 minutes to be told. I'd rather have seen a version that was straight up the comic without the extra stuff thrown in. Des wasn't the only one looking to stab someone after seeing this, it really is a good film to watch just to get you in a good and violent mood. Even just the soundtrack that they use in the trailer, DUH duhduhDUHduhduhDUHduhduhDUHduhduhDUHDUH DUH duhduhDUHduhduhDUHduhduhDUHduhduhDUHDUH. Its the sort of stuff that gets your blood going.

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