PS3 gets it's own version of the RROD


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The following just started happening to PS3 consoles between 7:00 - 7:30 PM last night.

- Date set to 12/31/1999 (even though you can't select the year 1999 in the date & time settings)

- Can't sign into PSN (8001050F)

- Can't play disc-based games with trophies (sent back to XMB)

- Can't launch Downloaded games

- Some Downloaded games reverted back to Trial Mode

- Some Themes corrupted

- Problem also arose to PS3s NOT connected to PSN / Turned off

- Problem happening with only Fat PS3 models

People are going nuts, and for good reason. Theories are running rampant. Anything from issues with leap years to some even thinking that Sony hijacked the consoles to fail in time for the launch of the slim.

Sony is about to lose a shitload of money.

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How can you patch it though if you can't sign in to get the patch?

You don't need to sign in to get updates.

They can release a downloadable patch to ensure that it doesn't happen to any more consoles, and if that doesn't work, they can ship out discs with patches on them. Heck, they could even do what Microsoft does every now and then, and just release a patch on that can be manually written to a CD-ROM at home.

Still a nightmare, but I don't think it's nearly as bad as the insanely high Xbox 360 failure rate, for which there is no simple fix.

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I download all of my updates via PC and update via USB. I started doing it that way cause the connection at work was faster, but I just seem to prefer it for some reason. So fixing this shouldn't be an issue. What will be a HUGE issue is how long it takes and worse, if people lose any of their information, etc.

It's just gaming that is effected, you can still listen to music, watch DVD's, use PlayTV, look at photo's, so the system is functional still. I guess I'm different though, as gaming is less than 10% of the usage of my PS3.

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