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These are the rules.

1) Polls for the first two rounds will be open for approximately two days. Semi-finals will be open for three. The finals will be open for four.

2) All polls will be public, so everyone will know what you voted for.

3) You must post a reason for your vote. You don't need to go into intense detail, but if I'm voting for the NES over the Colecovision (not in the tournament, but just as an example) an acceptable post would be "NES. It had greater longevity, a much larger impact, and dramatically better games." Pretty easy stuff.

4) Waiting to vote, especially in later polls, is probably a good idea. You never know if someone will make an argument that forces you to vote otherwise.

5) Most importantly, and I can't stress this enough, this is not a "favourite" tournament. If it were, I'd be voting the Dreamcast every round regardless of opposition and this thing would get boring very quickly. We all have that one system that touched our hearts and made us into gamers. That's not what this tournament is for.

Not to say that "greatest" is an absolute. If it was, there would be no tournament. These are the things to consider when voting.

- Sales.

- Impact on gaming.

- Longevity.

- Quality of software.

- Reliability of hardware.

The brackets are as follows. They'll be updated after every round.


First four polls go up April 1st.

Use this thread to discuss the tournament.

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PS2 vs PS3 in the first round!

I only have two that I already have my mind made up about - the rest, I'm open to persuasion. If the E-2 gaming folk chime in relatively quickly (Dubs, Aaron, Drq, James) then I'm unlikely to waste my votes too much!

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PS2 beats the PS3

X-Box 360 beats the Wii

Atari 2600 beats the N64

PSX beats the Gamecube

Brackets updated. Next four matches go up later today. I'll keep the voting open till Tuesday due to the holiday.

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Keep in mind, though, it's about which one is better. Not which one we favor.

I know, I know. It would probably be the PS2 but I don't really use X-box live at all, so I'm not in a position to judge how much that adds to the 360. I'll have to think about it.

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PS2 doesn't have a record of fucking up once every year with the red ring of death.

True, but the warranty extensions go a long way towards correcting that problem, plus its not like PS2's have some great life expectancy. My second hand one lasted 5 years in my care but from what I understand that's the exception.

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