I Post Pictures Of Banter

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Observe, oh observe, maybe even obsOIve, these two cardinal-esque things. Truly they banter muchly with each other. You can see they want to sex each other but are too repressed to admit it. And Simon on the left has a girlfriend. Imagine lying awake at night next to someone you're no longer physically attracted to, but still love. It's not all happiness behind the smiles, folks.


Cynical marketing aimed at weak willed males such as myself? Maybe, or perhaps what we're really looking at is BANTER, and lots of it. Sexually secure young women... well, young and sort of oldish women having bantersome fun. They have a laugh AND sell more records on the back of a bit of lesbo noshing. Banter can be as rewarding monetarily as it can funiteraliyeyaa.


HAHA, you better watch out when Von Appleby here is on the loose. Oh what dreadful pranks he plays, and only some of them end in grisly accidental death. He has the death screams of a thousand souls forever burned into his memory. The only thing he has to look forward to is his own death, that the accusing wails of anquish will silence along with his breath. That's the price of Banterial fun sometimes.


Is it Tim Curry? No it isn't, it's Ronald McDonald, now forced to serve salads in his fast food 'restaurants'. Does he want to sell them? Do we want to eat them? Of course fucking not, but nowadays everything needs something cynical to market to reactionary idiots. I remember when it was all about the banter, and luring kids into a locker for an 'adventure'. Oh that wacky Ronald McDonald. We all KNEW you were a nonce.


There is nothing jovial about Nazi rule.


And then there were cornflakes.

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