A Nightmare on Elm Street prequel?

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Here's a question for you guys: Would you be interested in a prequel for A Nightmare on Elm Street? More specifically, would you be interested in a film that focused on the crimes of Fred Krueger?

Actually, that's the only reason I'd ever WANT to see an ANOES prequel--if they focused on the crimes he committed and why he did them.

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The only way to do it, however, is to drop all of his trademarked humor, 'cause you just can't make light of his crimes or make him likeable by any means.

I agree 100%. He didn't develop his "humor" until part 3, anyway. No humor in this one. None at all.

Here's an interesting question: will they delve into the backstory developed in "Freddy's Dead", such as Freddy having a wife and daughter? If they develop a new backstory, will they address and explain the old one, or will they ignore it?

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