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Super Nintendo Entertainment System


Initial release date: November 21, 1990

Initial price: $199

Lifespan: 1990-1999

Units sold: 49.10 million

Number of games released: 785

Notable games:

Super Mario World

Super Metroid

Chrono Trigger

Super Mario Kart

Final Fantasy II and III

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Donkey Kong Country series

Mega Man X series

Secret of Mana


Other notes:

- Six button controller

- MODE 7~!


Neo Geo


Initial release date: January 31, 1990

Initial price: $649 (that's not a typo)

Lifespan: 1990-2004

Units sold: Unknown. Roughly 1 million.

Number of games released: 154

Notable games:

King of Fighters series

Samurai Showdown series


Baseball Stars

Metal Slug series

Magician Lord

Fatal Fury series

Art of Fighting series

King of the Monsters

Other notes:

- Best 2D fighting console ever made.

- Two versions, the AES home version, and the MVS arcade unit.

- Very pricey. Games often cost over $200.

- Longest lasting home console ever made.

- Region free games, making importing easier.

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I love SNK, but the Neo Geo as a home console was pretty much a failure, it was amazing they continued to support it really. Great arcade machine though, and I love that most Neo-Geo cabinets (at least in my experience) had multiple games.

Anyway, the Super Nintendo. Dominant console of its generation (with at least some actual competition who had a shot), some of the best games ever, especially with regards to JRPG titles, and carried on the brand enough to keep it synonymous with video games.

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SNES with no question. Mine still work as great as the day I got it, the system has a lot of third party and first party titles, and then there's fact that, to some extent, this is where video games grew up. Before, in the days of the NES, Mega System, and Atari, you never had really deep plots in video games. That little bit of extra memory changed it so that we had games that could take 50+ hours to beat, where Mario could travel through multiple worlds, even repeating some in the process, and your console games could look nearly as good as the ones at the Arcade.

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The SNES is one of the two consoles on this side of the bracket that I could see beating the PS2.

It's got one of the top four game libraries in the tournament, and has a case for best RPG system of all time.

The Neo Geo is tons of fun but has no legs to stand on here.

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The Neo Geo AES was the Cadillac of home gaming in the 90s, it was a spectacular piece of hardware that had the best arcade conversions of its time. The SNES though was priced in a range where the average person could afford it, and the games it produced are some of the best ever. Oddly enough the SNES is the only system I'm voting for in this round that I don't believe had an industry changing feature. It was the evolution of the NES and had one hell of a library.

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Guest DCAUFan1051

SNES was my first ever Nintendo Console I got it 4 Christmas 1992. I spent 6 hours straight on Super Mario World. No Breaks no nothing just me and the system.

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My stepbrother had a Neo Geo and I loved it. The fact that you could bring your saved games to and from the arcade was awesome, and it had some pretty fun titles. But at the end of the day, I was always drawn back to the SNES. It was such a fun, almost magical machine.

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