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An official announcement won't be made until WFP 76, but I'm going to break it here on the forums first: Just in time for our coverage of Teen Titans on World's Finest Podcast, Earth-2.net / World's Finest Podcast is proud to announce the first two World's Finest Podcast T-shirts! Whether you believe Teen Titans is in DCAU continuity or not, you can show your support for WFP by purchasing one (or both) of these wonderful designs! (Or you can get 'em as hoodies!)

Click here to see the designs!

Look for more Earth-2.net-related products soon!

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FYEO ends in 2 months. Aside from Adham making a compilation double CD set of our outtakes/songs (which he HAS actually done), we need merchandise like now!

Where's the "begging" emoticon?!

(Like Stavros, I need to bulk order stuff before I can justify the shipping price. I'm almost ready to get stuff from ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com due to the amount of stuff I want from there).

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