Sony Playstation 2 vs Microsoft X-Box 360



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Sony Playstation 2


Initial release date: March 4th, 2000

Initial price: $299

Lifespan: 2000 - present

Units sold: 142.8 million

Number of games released: Over 4500.

Notable games:

Grand Theft Auto series

Metal Gear Solid series

Gran Turismo series

God of War series

Devil May Cry series



Shadow of the Colossus

Final Fantasy X

Other notes:

- Best selling video game console of all time.

- The first video game console to use DVD technology.

- Backward compatable with 95% of PSX software.


Microsoft X-Box 360


Initial release date: November 22, 2005

Initial price: $299 and $399

Lifespan: 2005-present

Units sold: 39 million

Number of games released: Over 700

Notable games:

Mass Effect series

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Bioshock series

Halo series

Gears of War series

Left 4 Dead series

Other notes:

- Detachable hard drive.

- First home console to include wireless controllers as a standard feature.

- Backwards compatible with about 50% of original X-Box games.

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Tough choice, but it came down to one having a problem that was shitty manufacturing (Red Ring of Death) and the other had a disk read error problem, which I, nor anyone I know had a problem with, with their PS2's. Everyone I know, has had their 360 red ring on them.

It became the home of the RPG in the last generation, and was all round a fun console, with a great library of games. 360 might take over it at some point, but right now, the PS2 is the clear winner in this fight.

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I'm a little conflicted here. I'm not holding the red ring against the xbox because of the steps they took to ensure it was fixed quickly under warrantee, but I'm also not giving them much for the wireless controllers because it had been done, even if not as standard.

I tend to see the xbox as the epitome of the modern home gaming machine, and the PS2 as the last of the old consoles, there is a big disconnect between the functionality and potential uses of the two machines. That the PS2 is the zenith of the console format is undeniable thanks to its popularity and longevity, but the xbox represents something new in terms of potential and use.

I'm verging on PS2 for its dominance, but its a tough one.

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the 360 has picked up where the PS2 left off in the idea of bringing all your entertainment needs to one system. Both had great games and some faulty hardware, but I got to give the slight edge to the PS2.

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The 360 still has a lot of years left in it, and thus it's really hard to vote it against a system that has managed to strive through more than double its current lifespan.

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I understand it being hard to judge the 360 as it's still going but the PS2 is now 10 years old and still has games being developed for it, that is a phenomenal run. The inclusion of the DVD player also paved the way for a game system to become the central entertainment unit in the lounger room.

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While not perfect, the PS2 was the gateway to what we have now in terms of video game systems. Between playing games, DVDs, and CDs, it became an entertainment hub. Pile on the awesome library, and the 360 just doesn't compete.

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