Episode 24


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The first installment of For Your Ears Only's final trilogy of non-canon Bond film specials, Ian and Adham examine the very first iteration of 007 on screen. But it was not a cinema screen, nor was James Bond under the codename of 007. Heck, he wasn't even British! In reviewing the 1954 made-for-television version of Casino Royale, our hosts look at a true Bond curiosity whilst making up for the amount of time it took to listen to the previous episode! [ 1:11:46 || 32.8 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/foryourearsonly/episodes/foryourearsonly_024.mp3

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Ian, I think that next month you need to quickly discuss the ending of the show again. Most copies end it at 'Call the police' but when originally aired there was one last burst of... action(?) in the final missing moments. Here are the last two minutes and the original end credits.


Also Climax! was indeed a live program. Thanks for the fun once again. :)


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In a change of tradition, I wasn't bothered to get my hands on this film and watch it before the review, I did however see a 20 minute recap of the film with some guy retelling his thoughts and telling you what was going on. I was left speechless, what the fuck is this, could this be worse than Die Another Day, what the fuck.

I'm probably never going to watch this film, but I can't wait for this review though.

Check these vids out...

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