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  • 11 months later...

Hah, my drinks of choice lately have been bottles of wine/Riesling strawberry slushies, cause it's ass hot out here. Got to have some beers with my girlfriends though last night, and that was wonderful, especially with the mozzarella/venison/bacon burger (the venison was a bit too done).

Tonight, though, all I have left in the freezer is that bottle of cake vodka (yes, from back in April), and some shitty melon liquer that someone gave us for the St Patty's party. So, might try that melon liquer, and if that fails, there's always time for a good pint glass of cake vodka.

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After spending the last two weekends drinking like a college student (Fire Water and Dr. Pepper if anyone is interested) I've decided that after I come off my month or so of sobriety that I need to class up my game. So, drunks of the forum, tell me: what kind of gin do you recommend for a Gin and Tonic. For that matter, what kind of tonic water do you recommend or does Ginger Ale tend to pair better?

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I don't drink beer. I've just never really liked the taste. For years, I drank Smirnoff and all that fruity bullshit. A couple of years ago, I changed over to Cider, mainly Woodchuck but whatever was on sale. That said, I recently found one that really works great.


Outside of just loving the label on this thing (seriously, that's supposed to be P.T. Barnum), it tastes great. Cider apples mixed with eating apples for the juice. Just bitter enough, goes down great, just alcoholic enough where you get buzzed but not enough where you feel like shit if you accidentally drink an entire six pack.

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