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Sony Playstation 2


Initial release date: March 4th, 2000

Initial price: $299

Lifespan: 2000 - present

Units sold: 142.8 million

Number of games released: Over 4500.

Notable games:

Grand Theft Auto series

Metal Gear Solid series

Gran Turismo series

God of War series

Devil May Cry series



Shadow of the Colossus

Final Fantasy X

Other notes:

- Best selling video game console of all time.

- The first video game console to use DVD technology.

- Backward compatable with 95% of PSX software.


Nintendo Entertainment System


Initial release date: July 15, 1983

Initial price: $199

Lifespan: 1983-1994

Units sold: 61.91 million

Number of games released: Over 800

Notable games:

Super Mario Bros series


Legend of Zelda series


Castlevania series




Mega Man series

Ninja Gaiden series

Other notes:

- First to have directional control pad.

- First game with battery backup (Legend of Zelda).

- Credited with reviving the video game industry in the 80s.

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I'll use DW's format for this

Sales - PS2.

Longevity - PS2. They may have the same lifetime according to the stats above, but who was still playing a NES in 1994, not many. How many are playing a PS2 in 2010, plenty.

Impact - TIE. I appreciate the 'reviving argument' but I think you need more to make a system great. To counter that, I will say again that the PS2 made the game system an integral part of the lounge room for a family home. PS3 has taken it many steps further, but the PS2 kicked it off.

Games - NES. Bloody tough call on this. NES has so many cult characters and games, the downside was that a lot of the games were very similar (or so it felt). The PS2 obviously has lots more games, but fewer marquee titles and zero 'characters' to hang it's hat on. It had a more diverse range of games, but that is probably the industry at the time more so than the PS2 itself.

PS2 for me, but I would be happy with either winning it here.

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Sales - PS2.

Longevity - NES. Pretty much the same, but honestly, people are going to look back and remember NES games more than they will when the PS2 is its age.

Impact - The NES saved the industry. The PS2 had DVDs. The NES created a brand. The PS2 simply maintained one. There is no contest in this category.

Games - Tie.

I voted NES.

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The PS2 did wonders in terms of expanding video gaming into more homes, that cannot be denied, but the NES became video gaming. And it did it by selling less than half of the PS2's numbers. Add in the fact that it brought the home market back from the bring of destruction and all of the iconic franchises it launched, and this one is a simple fact: the NES is the greatest video came console of all time.

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The NES.

Hell, for cultural impact alone. Did anyone make a feature film starring an Eye Toy and God of War 2? No. But there was a movie about the Power Glove and Super Mario Bros. 3. And the Power Glove sucked.

I still think sales numbers are not comparable across hardware generations. If the relative costs of a TV+Console+Games+Accessories are compared from the mid-80s to the early-00s, the NES is the far more expensive proposition. Plus, by 2000, many young adults (well, let's face it, men) had grown up playing video games, giving the PS2 access to demographics (with high amounts of disposable income) that the NES couldn't even dream about.

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