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I liked it a lot. Casino Royale is still my favorite by far, but I definitely enjoyed Skyfall plenty.

I did think the DB5 was a bit much. If it hadn't had the guns and ejector seat, I think I'd have been totally cool with it. Hell, since they already established that he won it in Casino Royale, it'd make perfect sense to use it. When it was first revealed, a cheer went up from the audience.

Still, though, with M, Q, and Moneypenny in their proper places, I'm interested to see if future films are more "traditional" Bond fare.

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Just came from the theater. Casino Royale's hard to beat, but this is definitely Craig's second best over Quantum. The film nearly goes to Die Another Day lengths to get the anniversary reference jokes across, but it stays true to the focus of the movie for the most part. Will loyally e-mail in later, but I enjoyed it..!

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I just finished it, overall I enjoyed it, but a few things I didn't like:

Moneypenny was annoying. It was clear they were going to have a shitty reveal of who her character was by her second pointless appearance in the film. She does nothing throughout the entire film, bar nearly murder Bond before the credits, and have some dull who cares double act moments.

How did Bond survive a sniper shot to the chest? In normal circumstances, sure, but he landed in water, and likely should have drowned.

M's death, it sucked. I would have preferred if the bad guy was actually able to kill M, and them himself, as that's all he wanted, M dead. it would have been great if Bond gets there to late, just to see M dead, and the villain blowing his own brains out and won, but instead, we just get M dying, cause a grunt was able to shoot her, which felt like a massive shitty cop out.

In the end, they had the "James Bond will return" caption, but it would've been fantastic to actually get the name of the next film, like they did with the classics, instead it just felt like a giant cock tease, and pointless.

Other than those, I thought it was great. I really enjoyed it, and the villain, who's name I've forgotten was incredible, and stole the show, and yeah, I look forward to watching it again when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

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Saw it, mixed feelings. Loved Bardem, the last third didn't feel like a Bond movie and that is my major gripe. I understand why they did what they did, but it just felt a bit off. Also,

I was really hoping for a bit of closure on the Quantum story line.

Also, why the fuck wasn't Bond held accountable for M's death. He tried to be the hero and failed. And where is the data that they were trying to recover. Just cause the bad guy died does that mean they have all that back? What if a kid stumbles across it! :)

I'm happy with M dying, I think she was holding the Bond character back somewhat.

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