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I think this might already be my favorite T-formers series. It's got the cartoony fun of G1, the (toned-down) cinematography of the movies, and the drama of Beast Wars.

I only hope that they add more Autobots to the show. Having a lineup of only 5-6 is gonna get old real fast.

Also, LET BUMBLEBEE TALK. God. It's like he's a giant yellow R2-D2.


Part 5 was AMAZING. I mean, WOW!

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It's like he's more of a pet than a person.

Though it was great seeing him save Arcee in Part 5; it gave him that same kind of silent nobility that he had in certain parts of the TF films.

Also, this is now officially my favorite TF series, and one of my favorite cartoons ever.

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And then Optimus Prime said/saith, "Verily, as it is written, freedom is the right of all sentient beings. For when Unicron the Destroyer arrives at judgment day, the light of Primus shall light our darkest hour. One shall stand; one shall fall. 'Till all are one, forever and ever, amen."

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Guest TFG1Mike

So from Episode 5 to Episode 13 Megatron has been on life support. The last two episodes Sick Mind and Out Of His Head saw the return of Megatron.

I won't say how but damn this is turning out to be THE BEST TRANSFORMERS CARTOON EVER when it comes to the storytelling. 2nd only to Beast Wars.

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Gave this a go based on the praise it's been getting. As an old Transformers fan from back in the day I've got problems with any character models that aren't G1, but aside from that this is really good. I'll have to get my hands on the lot.

It helps a great deal that the voice cast is awesome.

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