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It's really hard to describe Baccano!, because the plot in and of itself is extremely complicated. There are three storylines: one that revolves around the mafia and an elixir of immortality in 1930, one that involves a hostage situation aboard a train called the Flying Pussyfoot in 1931, and a girl's search for her missing brother in 1932. And for one episode the show focuses on a ship carrying alchemists headed for the New World. Though each episode contains multiple jumps from year to year, and all of these plots intertwine, the main focus is on the Flying Pussyfoot.

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What little I've seen of Baccano! is really, really cool. I actually got into the series through an AMV I saw at AWA last year (which I also posted on here). I've got the entire series on DVD, so I'll be watching it soon. Great review, Hannah.

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