UK General Election 2010


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I have joined any of the groups on facebook, or posted a comment about the election on there, simply because, and I'll be the first to admit this, I know fuck all about politics. I did make one, almost making fun of everyone's saying "If tories win, I'm getting out of here!" Saying "If Cena wins we rio.....oh wrong one, if tories win, I'm writing a nicely worded letter to the extra!" A local paper.

The only thing that I have taken on board that is against conservatives, is the tightening of people coming to the UK, which will affect my other half chances of actually being able to stay here and find work in two years, which is not something I wanted to see. Which is why I said, Nick Clegg was a dick for going into the coalition, no other real reason, I have no other ground to stand on, cause, once again, I know fuck all about politics.

But, it's been...........12 hours and I'm already sick of all the shit on facebook about Conservatives.

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My objections to tory policies are based on what they've said they'll do this time, which directly affects the people I live with through their benefits and my family because they work for the government. I also object to media and bank deregulation that aggregates a huge amount of power in corporate hands, which is hardly ever a positive thing for the people (look at public transport). I have key problems with their underlying desire to restrict services that make a lot of peoples lives a great deal easier and cut taxes for the wealthy (although they'll have trouble with that now).

That being said the outcome is better than it might have been, since the power sharing agreement means that they'll be quite moderated. In fact a Lib Dem Tory alliance is pretty close ideologically to New Labour in many respects.

Its not a knee-jerk reactionon my part, nor do I think that the country is about to go down the toilet just because Cameron is in, but I can't ignore that they may well do irreparable harm to institutions such as the BBC or the sort of community services that keep people just above the poverty line.

You see, I completely agree with that. Maybe it was because I was lager-fuelled at 2am, but I slightly understated the fact that I was uneasy about a number of Conservative policies, which made voting Lib Dem much easier in the end. I think a coalition between the two is the best case scenario from my POV as each party have had to temper their least practical policies, and are significantly different in their approach to some issues than the last government were.

That being said, whether it was Ben Bradshaw or Jeremy Hunt holding the brief of DCMS (which will affect my profession as well), the BBC was always going to be in a bad position after May 6th. Of course, it doesn't help itself by continually shooting itself in the foot, ala 6 Music and the Asian Network.

And however annoying you find Facebook at the mo, Suave, I have the joy of belonging to my university's debating society, which means I have even more self-important political types sounding off about Thatcher and hoping for a Milliband revolution. I am dreading hitting the link button..... :shakehead:

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