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It might not be the City of Heroes meets the X-Men we were hoping for, but kids should get a kick out of playing as tiny versions of their favorite Marvel characters in Gazillion Entertainment's Super Hero Squad Online.

Gazillion finally draws back the curtain on Super Hero Squad Online, the massively-multiplayer online game first mentioned back in March of last year. Rather than being based in the Marvel comic book universe, the game is based on the Super Hero Squad children's toy series, a franchise that's already produced a cartoon, comic books, and a video game I had the misfortune of reviewing last September.

Instead of having kids and tweens create their own super hero, Super Hero Squad Online will see them playing as the greats - Wolverine, Spider—Man, Iron Man, War Machine, Silver Surfer, Captain America, and the Hulk, to name a few.

Jay Minn, Creative Director for Super Hero Squad Online, says: "In Super Hero Squad Online you are not a nameless sidekick! You'll swing through Super Hero City as Spider-Man or zap the bad guys with Cyclops' optic blasts in high-voltage missions. Or you can just hang out in a high-energy, immersive world filled with other Marvel fans!"

Yes, there's a Super Hero City. There's also Villainville. Players will be able to hang out in familiar locations in each town, or spend time with their friends in their own customizable secret hideout.

For more info on Super Hero Squad online, stay tuned to the game's official website, or tune into GameTrailers TV this week for the world premiere of the game's trailer.

And for those eager for a slightly more mature Marvel MMO experience, don't lose hope. This is only the first game developed under Gazillion's 10-year deal with Marvel. There's more to come.

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