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Woah woah woah, I'm pretty sure I remember from my P.C. classes that it's impossible to be racist against white people. Impossible.

But yeah, chat is down for me, too.

Don't be flippant, K-Dubs, it doesn't suit you. It is perfectly possible to be racist against white people and I seriously doubt there are classes that adamantley state the reverse. There are cultural grievances to be had with the fact that caucasians have not been historically oppressed on the grounds of their skin colour - their politics, religion and sexuality? Absolutely, but I do find it odd that some white male folk think that they're some kind of oppressed minority in today's society. We really aren't.

Besides, I wasn't equating the chat-room as being anti-white, but rather anti-English. And I for one find that deeply, deeply offensive in that Britain has only ever done good for the world....

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An Error Occurred

Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.

[#CJOIN-0] There was an error connecting with the chat room. Please notify an administrator.

I'm particularly surprised at this as there's 3 people in chat at the moment, so the chat room itself isn't down.

EDIT: Never mind, works now!

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