Slipknot bassist found dead in hotel


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I'll be interested to hear how he died. Slipknot was pretty anti-drug for a while, if you can believe that, even firing a couple early members. But after a few interviews I've seen with Clown that scream cocaine I wonder if it's the same with Paul too.

I too am a fan. Call them Nu Metal if you will but they are still head and shoulders above most of their peers.

Edit: Some autopsy results expected today.

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Unfortunately, it was an OD of morphine that killed him.

Slipknot bassist Paul Gray's death two months ago was from an accidental morphine overdose, the Polk County, Iowa, medical examiner said Monday.

Gray, 38, was found dead by staff at a hotel near Des Moines, Iowa on May 24, said Sgt. Dave Disney of the Urbandale Police Department.

Toxicology test results showed a fatal level of morphine and fentanyl -- a synthetic morphine -- in Gray's body, said Dr. Gregory Schmunk.

Schmunk also noted the presence of significant heart disease, according to a police statement Monday.

The autopsy did show that Gray had been dead for several hours before his body was found, Schmunk said.

Grammy-winning metal band Slipknot -- whose fans are affectionately known as "maggots" -- was formed in Des Moines in late 1995 and became immediately recognizable for the dark and often grotesque homemade Halloween masks its nine members wore on stage. The band won a Grammy award in 2006 for best metal performance for "Before I Forget."

Slipknot's self-titled debut album went platinum in 2000. Its fourth album, "All Hope is Gone," spent 69 weeks on Billboard's Top 200 charts, debuting at No. 1 its first week in 2008.

Gray was arrested in Iowa in 2003 on drug possession charges when police found small amounts of marijuana, two syringes and a substance that field-tested positive for cocaine after he was involved in a wreck with another motorist.


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