Episode 39


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The multi-Doctor thing was always weird to me in that 2 and 3 would bicker with each other, but when he regenerated, he'd have to relieve the same conversation all over again with himself, and it would have to be word for word.

It also sheds a weird light on 2 choosing a new form when he'd already meet 3 (and 6) and would, in theory, already know what he'd look like.

Yeah, I know - timey wimey.

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another great podcast guys.

I quite like this story, but it's not without major flaws. The gaudy set design of Omega's palace is awful, and as you mentioned..for some reason the Brig is completely thick in this story.

the multi doctor thing is strange...why do they always look up to and take notice of the incarnation who..by definition, is the youngest and least experienced?

Jamie was supposed to be in this as you mentioned, and even when it wasn't possible for him to get time off from Emmerdale (the soap opera he was appearing in (he was in it for about 20 years on and off)) they were hoping to get him for at least a cameo. He was supposed to make an appearance right at the end, when the Second Doctor has said his goodbye, he'd appear and say something along the lines of "Come on Doctor".

Carnival of Monsters is a great story though (possibly my fave story from the pertwee era)..another classic from Robert Holmes. Frontier in Space is pretty good too, if a little padded.

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