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I love Escape from L.A. so much it's kind of frightening. I actually own it on DVD. It will never see the light of the Tirades.

It was just pointed out to me that "Escape From New York" is considered a cult movie so the sequel/remake/parody of the movie would probably still be against the rules.

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A few actors who has yet to be featured within the Tirades-verse (and 1-2 films they've been featured in that are Tirades-worthy[some are just dumb, not shitty terrible]):

Sylvester Stallone (Over The Top, Driven)

Kevin Costner (The Postman, Water World)

Keanu Reeves (47 Ronin, Sweet November)

Steven Seagal (On Deadly Ground, Exit Wounds)

Chuck Norris (Forest Warrior, Hellbound)

Madonna (Swept Away, Shanghai Surprise)

Kristen Stewart (Snow White and the Huntsman, The Messengers)

Paris Hilton (House of Wax, The Hottie and the Nottie)

Pamela Anderson (Barb Wire, Snapdragon)

Jennifer Lopez (Anaconda, Maid in Manhattan)

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As for Will's list, we'll probably never get to Seagal and Norris because all of their movies are generally the same and pretty generic.

Stallone's worst stuff is in comedies.

It'll take something extreme to cover Keanu because, as easy as he can be to make fun of, he's an awesome human being from all accounts and isn't in acting for the money.

The rest of those are free game. Madonna in Swept Away very nearly made the schedule this year.

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I was wondering if you guys will ever review "Dragonball Evolution." Being a Dragonball and DBZ fan I was furious the first time I saw it. Then I realized franchises could get worst treatment (The Last Airbender, The films which shall not be named). I now watch it and marvel at how emotionless Chow Yun Fat is, and how it rips off so many other stories but DB. I just see it as a story about the guy from "The Invisibles" gets powers every time he is anywhere near Chi Chi.

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